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The K1 Electric Hoverboard is a top end self-balancing electric scooter, famous for its twin high quality pure copper motors that have a 12 year warranty, and are controlled by a smart chip to give it 4*4 like terrain conquering ability. Falling into a new class of hoverboards that are being coined as "High Performance Hoverboards", mainly for their ability to keep going over many different kinds of terrain. The whole reason the whole package works is because the system is geared towards powering its choice of 6.5/8.5 inch tires which combine work in the same fashion as a 4 * 4 car.

K1 Electric Hoverboard Battery Options

This model features advanced bluetooth integration for audio bluetooth connectivity and has a charging time of 2 to 3 hours. The battery is a high capacity Samsung 36V 4200mAh 4AH lithium Ion which gives the K1 the edge over its rivals with a rated maximum incline climbing ability of 30°(degrees). You get an AC 110-240V 50-60Hz charging adapter as standard with the package. The batteries are certified  are non-inflammable and non explosive. 

High Performance Hoverboard

K1 Electric Hoverboard Motor is powered by two 350 watt powerful motors and designed to be very quiet, highly portable, energy-efficient and can carries an adult easily. The full combination of these high quality parts is that the K1 electric hoverboard will travel for up to 20 km going over pavements with smooth edges into parks and some dirt roads without any problems.

What is the K1 Electric Hoverboard Maximum Speed and Distance?

This two wheel self balancing electric scooter cruises at 10 km/h and will easily go for a distance of about 10km on gentle climbing hills, 15 km on a horizontal surface and up to 30km in sloppy areas. 

Batteries: Samsung 36V 4200mAh 4AH
Certification UL2272
Charger: Included AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz
Charging Time: 2-3H
Climbing Ability: Max Climbing: 30° Min Turning Radius: 0°
Dimensions: Packing size:75*35*34(cm)
Distance Covered On Full Charge: 15-20KM
Frame: ABS Plastic material + PC Coatings"
Max Rider Weight: 120KG
Power Motor Power: 350 watts * 2
Shipping Weight: 15kg
Speed: 10km/H
Tire Size: 170mm Non-pneumatic Hollow Tire
Weight Unpacked: Unit size: 69*29*28(cm)

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K1 Electric Hoverboard

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