Dolphin Self Balancing Unicycle Hoverboard

Some of the hottest electric self balancing unicycles have just become available via TrendyScooter. The FL DX series of scooters are among some of the most sort after due to their off road prowess, speed and distance they can cover on single full charge. Dolphin Unicycle Self Balancing scooter series use gyroscope and acceleration sensors to intelligently control balance, calculating the centre of gravity of the rider and of the hoverboard to deliver an unbelievable experience.

One Of The Best Hoverboards
Equipped with a servo-control system that drive their accurate motors,these are high performance electric unicycles and will cover further distances that many of the electric unicycles for sale right now on many markets will not. The most powerful version has an Android App you can use to control stuff and will travel a distance of 45 Kilometres or 28 miles on a single charge.

Brand: F-Wheel
Manufacturer: F-Wheel
Name: Dolphin 5 Electric Unicycle

Product: F-D5
Model: Dolphin 5

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Product description:

This powered unicycle senses the human body so that when a rider stands on the Dolphin self balancing Unicycle scooter, all they have to do is move their bodies forward or backward and the innovative power plant controls the wheels forward and backward to maintain balance. They have an in-built system that also allows the rider to slow down, move their bodies left or right in order to turn in either direction.

To maintain stability, the Dolphin electric unicycles integrate a variety of advanced technologies from many industries such as spaceflight, micro-electronics, motor control. The combination of these highly advanced techniques result in a portable vehicle that balances automatically using on-board gyroscopes and inertial monitoring systems making corrections to the motor's speed and power at hundreds of times per second.

F-wheel self balancing unicycle are thus famous as High-tech electric transporters which base their principles on dynamic balance.
Its easy operation, flexible control and suitability for pavements make it one the best unicycles on sale. The self balancing unicycle scooters are also widely used in leisure, walking, scenic tours, security patrol and many similar other fields.

If you are one those who wants to buy a unicycle you will glad to know that they have also chosen to name their self balancing scooters following famous robotics naming principles like the star wars robots R2 D2 or Artoo-Detoo who is a fictional robot character in the Star Wars universe. The Doplhin Electric Unicycles Series have the naming FL D1, FL D2, FL D3 and Fl D5.

App Included?
Battery Power
Charging Time
Maximum Speed
Distance Full Charge
Kickstand Included?
Climb Ability
FL D1 UnicycleNO147WH60MIN18KMPH20-25KM*NO20-25°
FL D2 UnicycleNO194WH60MIN
FL D3 UnicycleYES295WH*120MIN20KMPH

FL D5 UnicyleYES388WH180MIN25KMPH


*Lithium Polymer

*depends on the rider's weight, road situation, skill, temperature

Built with high standards the motorized unicycle comes with a number of features.

Android App:

The Dolphin unicycle has one of the most unique features in that it comes with an android app that you can use to not only control youmusic but change the scooters parameters like lights, ringing and power levels of operation.
All you need to do is setup the APK software on your android mobile and you can control the Unicycle's speed, sense the balance, CPU temperature and other features.

Bluetooth speaker:

This electric unicycles incorporate a bluetooth speaker meaning you don't need that portable bluetooth speaker next time you are out and about.

Hidden Handle Bar:

The Dolphin D1, D2, D3 and D5 self balancing scooters have a hidden handle bar that retracts conveniently to hide away if not used. It also allows for easy transportation as a trolley handle that you can pull in a small package when in places like shops, halls or public public transportation. But best of all it can be used as a normal scooter handle bar when riding.

Extra Large Pedals:

This unicycles feature the widest decks or pedals on the market.Designed in aluminium they form part of very stable Dolphin self balancing electric scooters.

Double USB Chargers - for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices:

If for example you forget to charge your device like your smartphone.You can rest assured that the dolphin series of electric unicyclessupport both iPhone and Android devices and incorporate a a port foreither.

Headlight & Tail light:

This is one of the only scooters on the market that feature an LED light at the front and back. This is are for safer riding in darkplaces and conditions and can be set to flash or constant.

Superior climbing capability:

One of the most talked about the dolphin series of unicycles its climbing ability. These are useful for anyone looking for an off road unicycle and will be using parks and dirt roads and needs a unicycle that can handle the inclines but also the bumpy surface.

This is where the Dolphins stand out as they can tackle most inclines quite easily and are equipped with a shock absorption system that can easily take the strain.

Kickstand and Leather protection pads:

A very well of feature that the manufacturer has incorporated into the Dolphin series. Both sides of the unicycle are protected by a high quality, soft long-lasting leather pads for the riders comfort. These Protect the rider's ankles and shins.

unicycle deals online
This one wheel hoverboards have a built-in inertia dynamic stabilization system that maintains the direction of the rider when going forwards and backwards. When driving The self balancing unicycle scooters shifting your weight overcomes the centrifugal force and improves the security whilst turning.

Lastly the addition of a kickstand is welcoming idea as that is useful for quick stops eg at a bus stop you may want for it to stand on its on its own while waiting for a bus and want to read a paper, use your phone. This provides a parking ability and also the addition of the adjustable handlebar makes it easy to quickly resume your journey when needed.

Dolphin Series Unicycle Display Board Options:

The display board is located in the middle of the The self balancing Unicycle scooter. It displays the running information of the self balancing unicycle scooter.

  • Battery Display: Green LED lights up to indicate the D1 self balancing scooter is fully charged, yellow LED lights up to indicate the power is down to 50%, red LED lights up indicates the power down to 20%, Red LED Lights means recharge.

  • Running LED: When the operator triggers the foot switches, the running LED light's up which means that the system enters the running state; when the system has an error message the running LED light turns red. 

Dolphin One Electric Unicycle Remote Control Options:

As this are some of the best unicycles on the market the Dolphin One Typically has a remote control device. The remote control of this electric unicycle will operate within a maximum distance of 5 meters. The Maximum control distance gradually declines when the battery drops. If left inactive for 10 minutes the self balancing unicycle scooter turns itself off.

Lock status also increases power consumption and you are warned to turn off the self-balancing electric unicycle if unused for a long period of time for energy efficiency. This is a useful feature if need a shortstop and will continue your journey few minutes afterwards.
These scooters are so well designed that they even included a burglar proof padlock for security.

Dolphin One Wheel Hoverboard Controls:

The unicycle comes with power buttons and a burglar proof padlock.

Power Button: Press to start Unicycle, Press and hold the switch to turn off the hoverboard.

Lock Button: Lock and prohibit operation with press again to lock the self balancing unicycle scooter.

Colour Choices of D1 Unicycle Hoverboard:

Colours available: rose, blue,yellow, white ,black

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Dolphin Self Balancing Unicycle Hoverboard

  • Brand: F-Wheel
  • Product Code: FL-DX
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $749.00

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