What is a C8 Bluetooth LED Hoverboard?

C8 Bluetooth LED Self-balancing two-wheel hoverboard or self-balancing electric scooter is a highly portable transport system that is rechargeable and can carry an adult of around 100kg, The C8 Two wheel scooter model has a fast charging time of an hour to 2 hours. Its equipped with two powerful 350 watt motors on each side. Coming with a 8 inch tire, it will easily give you a mileage of about 10km on gentle climbing hills, 15 km on a horizontal surface and up to 30km* in sloppy areas. What makes this stand stand out is the Bluetooth and LED light addition.

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On the slopes you can get the hoverboard to fly at almost 20km/h but that depends on the rider's weight with a rated load of 90kg or 220 pounds and a rated incline of 5 - 20 degrees.

The C8 Bluetooth LED Hoverboard uses gyroscopic sensors to enable self-balancing and the inner workings of the scooter use gyro sensors, two 350 Watt motors and a set of rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.

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Safety battery and charger

 With a full charge it has a range of roughly 15 km at an average speed of at 10km/h. The hoverboard comes with its own power supply and is powered by a lithium battery. Remember that if you are going to use it to commute between short distances then we recommend having an extra battery if sharing. 

Its a fast charging Samsung battery with a charge time of 1-2 hours and are certified non-inflammable and non explosive. 

How to ride a C8 Bluetooth LED Hoverboard

Users can control the hoverboard going forwards, accelerate, decelerate , brake and other tricks by leaning forward or leaning backwards.

TS C8 Bluetooth LED Hoverboard
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With two wheel self balancing scooters you can accelerate at your own pace, stop when you want to, and float on the pavements looking like a scene from back to the future where you had people floating about on hoverboards.. Product #: C8 4.6 stars, based on 17 reviews Regular price: £499.99 £329.99 (Sale ends ) Available from: TrendyScooter Condition: Brand New, in excellent condition In stock! Order now!

Motor and Power

The hoverboard has a drive mode with dual-wheel and two-way direct drive balance detection whose gyro sensors and accelerometers combine to power the two motors at 350W and deliver a smooth average rated speed of 10km/h. All of these is encased in a tough PC frame and only weighs 12 kg. These systems are all invisible but you will feel their presence immediately you step on one of these and the auto balancing mechanisms kick in to assist with stability. 

Our Electric Hoverboard For Sale Prices 

We currently have in stock the following self-balancing two-wheel boards - all colours are available at the same price. This price includes shipping. Currently available for USA and EU countries.

Available hoverboard colors: 

Gold hoverboards

Black hoverboards

Silver hoverboards

Red hoverboards

White hoverboards

Shipping Info
Shipping Information This product ships free to USA, UK and the EU. Please contact us as many other countries also qualify for free shipping or we maybe able to work some deals with the manufacturers for you. If you live within the EU, UK or USA please select hoverboard Shipping for the free shipping option.
Batteries: Li-ion battery 36V 4.4AH
Certification UL2272
Charger: 100-240V/50-60HZ
Charging Time: 1- 2 hours
Climbing Ability: Max Climbing Angles : 20° Min turning radius : 0°
Dimensions: Packing size : 67.5*30*27.5(cm)
Distance Covered On Full Charge: 15-20KM
Max Rider Weight: 120kg
Power 350 Watts *2
Shipping Weight: 14.5kg
Speed: 10 km/h
Tire Size: 8-inch Hollow inflatable tires - Non-pneumatic Hollow Tire
Weight Unpacked: 61.5*22.5*21.5(cm)

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C8 Bluetooth LED Hoverboard

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