7 Things About Inokim Light Electric Scooter That Everybody Wants To Know

The  Inokim Light motorized scooter is a power board that will easily replace your gas scooter but its just lighter. One of those that you buy for just in-case you need to "nip out for a sec". A brainchild of the award winning designer Nimrod Riccardo Sapir the Inokim Light is the newest two wheel electric scooter model packed with innovative features that have massively improved overall user experience.

First of all, the Inokim Light balancing scooter is lightweight, easier to ride, incorporates a 5 seconds to fold and unfold mechanism and has a wide deck for comfortable foot positioning which improves stability while riding. The whole body is made of a high quality aluminium 6061 T6 Alloy that has proven its durability in the car manufacturing industry. Rear drum brake and Auto motor cut off allow confident riding and that feeling of safety.

Inokim Light Electric Scooter

This adult electric scooter has an overall outstanding iconic look with eye pleasing lines along its body and a low-noise quite profile while riding. This e scooter is so lightweight that it fits into a trolley bag. Although the mobility scooter has been made waterproof from such things as falling rain and puddles the manufacturer advises that like their counterparts motorcars and motorcycles one should avoid driving through deep water.

Exciting New Features of Inokim Light e scooter:

- A choice of three form factors to choose from:





Top Speed


Light Hero







Light Super







– New throttle with LCD display:

A beautifully designed electronic throttle with an LCD display that provides information about travel speed, distance, more accurate battery status indicator and other information such as: speed, speed mode, battery status, ODO, Trip time, cruise controls, background night light, automatic power-off options.

– Integral carry handle:

This great solution makes it even easier to carry the INOKIM mobility scooter in a folded or open position, particularly when going up or down a small flight of stairs or when simply moving it from a place to another.

– Folding mechanism with kickstand position:

The Inokim Hero electric scooter features a unique innovative stand that makes it easier for parking on the move and is only featured in high-end scooters.

– Fold safety lock

– Foldable handlebars:

By designing the handlebar to fold, solves the problem of it protruding whilst the e scooter is being carried or stored. You can fold away the handlebars to make the INOKIM even more compact. 

-Folding options - 

Quick Release Latch, Fold Mechanism Adjustment, Fold Mechanism Safety Lock, Folding Handlebars

– Built-in lights

Front and rear built-in light system

– Longer travel range

Longer travel range option with major branded lithium battery options as the default choice.

– Auto power-off 

Auto power-off when braking to conserve energy.

– Easier maintenance 

Easier maintenance and service life plus the great support that the community has built around the product, with many "how to" videos posted on popular video channels like youtube.

- Choices In battery Power

The INOKIM electric scooter contains rechargeable Lithium batteries such as those used in electric and Hybrid cars for example the Toyota PRIUS and the TESLA. "Those are pure high-end technology, period." 

The benefits and main reasons why the whole transport industry is leaning towards the usage of lithium batteries, are their abilities for allowing multiple charging and recharging, their range (lasts longer per charge), and can also be made very compact and lightweight. This means that they can compete with gas scooters and petrol scooters very easily.

The Inokim Light e scooter has been designed with a range of batter power choices depending on the commuters travel and power needs. For example if you live in areas with many inclines then it's recommended that you go for the 36V 10.4 Ah Samsung Lithium battery option. While if you just want it to be doing a few miles back and forth in flat urban areas or for light weekend and evening usage, than the 36V 7.8 Ah version will do the job.

– Exciting new colour choices:

Colour variety: Exciting new variety of colours to choose from. Black, White, Blue, Green And Orange

INOKIM Inokim Light ELectric Scooter Inokim Light Electric Scooter First of all, the balancing scooter is easier to ride, incorporates a 5 seconds to fold and unfold mechanism and has a wide deck for comfortable foot positioning which improves stability while riding. Product #: Quick-2 4.8 stars, based on 39 reviews Regular price: $1529.99 $1299.99 (Sale ends ) Available from: TrendyScooter Condition: Brand New Boxed Warranty In stock! Order now!
Shipping Info
Shipping Information This product ships free to USA, UK and the EU. Please contact us as many other countries also qualify for free shipping or we maybe able to work some deals with the manufacturers for you. If you live within the EU, UK or USA please select INOKIM Shipping for the free shipping option.
Batteries: 36V choice of 7.8AH or 10AH Lithium-ion battery
Braking System: Rear drum brake Auto motor cut off
Carton Size (LxWxH): 99*25*40cm ( black inner carton ) 102*28*44cm ( outer carton )
Charger: 36V 7.8AH/10AH Lithium-ion battery
Charging Time: 4h for 7.8ah version & 5h for 10ah version
Dimensions: - 7.8 ah Version : 12.48KG - 10 ah Version : 13KG
Distance Covered On Full Charge: 23km - 30km (14m - 19m)
Frame: T6061 aluminum with Automotive grade paint with anodized powder Coating T-bar - Foldable
Handlebars: height 110cm aluminum alloy
Head Light: Front and rear lights
Max Rider Weight: 100KG
Motor Type : 36V 300W brushless gearless motor max output torque 15N.M, efficiency 84%
Shipping Weight: - 7.8 ah Version : 17KG - 10 ah Version : 17.5KG
Speed: 27kmh or 16mph
Throttle Type: LCD Controller system + Functions and illumination
Tire Size: 8.5 inch Pneumatic Tires

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Inokim Light Electric Scooter

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