Rhino Smart Electric Scooter Features

The Rhino Smart Electric Scooter is a high performance urban electric scooter that will surprise and delight its owners. Made from high-end lightweight aluminum alloy frame this electric scooter a friend of motorists, bikers and pedestrians. The Rhino Scooter incorporates a one click folding system that makes it so portable, easier to store and four times lighter than many of its equivalent counterparts.

The Rhino Scooter's folding design maximizes convenience and is highly suitable for compact spaces.

Brand: RhinoScooter

Rhino Smart Electric Scooter

electric scooter for commuters

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A Powerful protected Lithium Ion (Li+) Battery sits inside a high grade aluminium body and the 500w electric brushless motor is concealed in the rear wheel. ABEC-7 super smooth bearings for the smoothest ride and 8 inch honeycomb non inflatable rear tyre mean punctures are a thing of the past.

The frame is made from a strong and lightweight air craft industry standard 6061 Aluminium Alloy and can be ordered in different colours at request.

Rhino Scooter Specifications

Rhino Smart Scooter Battery Capacity & Charging Time

Electric Scooter For Sale

This is adult scooter that has been proven to match any bicycle on the road. It means that you no longer have to leave electric scooters for an overnight recharge. It will recharge within 1 - 3 hours depending on model. We have rigorously tested the basic version of 6.6 ah and that recharges within 1.5 hours after use of over 10km journeys. If you happen to choose the Max version which takes around - 2.5 hours to recharge after use, then it means that you can travel the further distance of 35km+.

Maximum Rider Weight, Distance and Speed

Rhino Smart Electric Scooter has a top speed of 25mph(40kmh), 24-mile(39km) range and a maximum rider weight of 120kg. 20x more efficient than a petrol car. A rear drum brake ensures full safety and control of the scooter all at your fingertips.

Rhino Scooter Safety Options

This powerful adult electric scooter features a front white LED light display for use at night or in dark areas. At the the rear, two orange hazard LED lights and a middle braking light which are activated when braking keeps the rider visible at all times.

A bell is also provided to help people know a rider is approaching. With its fully adjustable handlebar height it means anyone can ride the Rhino Smart Electric Scooter.

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The dashboard features a backlit display that indicates speed in kph or mph, distance travelled, battery life and 3 rider gears of slow, medium or full speed. The Rhino Smart Electric Scooter is easy to learn and master in a few seconds.

Highly Portable Quick Folding Electric Scooter

Car owners will also be glad to know that this scooter is a complement as an extension to their journeys. The Rhino Smart Electric Scooter easily folds and can easily be carried up any stairs weighing only 15kg and fits in most car trunks.

Take for example someone who lives just outside of a major city and makes daily commutes into the main town. It means that they can park their vehicles miles from the destination scooting the rest of the journey avoiding traffic, saving the environment, money, time and fossil fuels (petrol) which would be wasted in slow moving peak time urban traffic.

Other Features Of The Rhino Smart Scooter

  • Wide Deck Design for comfort riding.

  • Premium 48V, 6.6ah Lithium Ion Battery NMC 18650 cells.

  • Gearless, Chainless, Brushless DC Hub Motor.

  • Military Tech Never Flat Airless Rubber Tires

  • Electronic Anti-lock Maintenance Free Brake Located in the Rear Hub Motor

  • Normal cruise speed 25 km/h(Gear 2); Range upto 25 km per charge; Charger and pedestrian bell included

  • Charger and pedestrian bell included

Rhino Smart Electric Scooter Pricing And Availability

  • Basic Version 6.6AH (coming Soon but available for pre-order)
  • Full Rhino 13AH Available ( Free Delivery UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australia [Other destinations will ship between £99 - £199 please send us a message before placing order] )
  • Samsung upgrade + £199
Rhino Scooter
Rhino Smart Electric Scooter
Adult Electric Scooter For Sale

Hurry, Only 3 left!. One of the best performing electric scooters is now available with free shipping at a launch price. Rugged scooter that can be used by the whole family and recharges within a couple of hours.
Product Code: RSES17
4.8 stars, based on 24 reviews
Regular price: £1099.99
(Sale ends )
Available from: TrendyScooter
Condition: New, in excellent condition
In stock! Order now!

Based in London UK, 6 month Warranty, UK support, spares available to order, CE, RoHS.

Shipping Info
Shipping Information This scooter will ship free of charge to many common destinations (UK, EU, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, USA ,,,,) and will ship between £99 - £199 to a majority of countries. Please feel free to use our contact form to inquire
Amps: 2
Batteries: Lithium Ion
Battery Indicator: On LCD Display
Body Type Aluminium Alloy
Brake Light: Rear Braking Lights
Charger: Included
Charging Time: 1 - 3 hours depending on usage and model
Climbing Ability: >30 degrees
Display Type Back Lit LCD DIsplay
Distance Covered On Full Charge: 15Km - 40km+ ( depends on terrain, rider experience level and weight )
Fenders : Front and Back
Foldable ?: YES
Frame: Aluminium + Foldable
Gears & Speed Options: 3 gear levels
Handlebars: Foldable
Head Light: Front LED Light
Height: Adjustable
Kick Stand: Included
Max Rider Weight: 120KG ( Rated upto 150KG )
Mirrors: No
Motor Type : 500W rear hub motor
Other Options
Power 500W
Shipping Weight: 17.2
Shock Absorber: Double Spring Suspension
Speed: 40kmh (25mph)
Throttle Type: Electric
Tilt Capability Greater than 30 degrees
Tire Size: 10 inch knobby tires
Tool Kit: Included basic
Voltage : 48V
Warranty: 6 months
Weight Unpacked: 15.25
Where Indicated * Depends on terrain, rider weight, rider experience

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Rhino Smart Electric Scooter

  • Brand: Rhino
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