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How we started

TrendyScooter started as a blog promoting scooters, ebikes, helmets, safety gear and other outdoor related products back in Nov 2012 as a small project in London, United Kingdom. Throughout 2012 to early 2014 it remained unchanged purely blogging about sports related products for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and other retailers.

Around mid 2014 some suppliers noticed the effort and we slowly began the transformation to offering what we see as high quality personal transport products.

Late in 2014 we relaunched and were now selling directly mainly on behalf of small start ups and some established manufacturers and suppliers. Out of that grew more even solid relationships and hence more and more products.

The Companies Supplying Our Products

We are very selective with who we work with as we care for the relationship of the customer and the product they end up purchasing. We believe that buying a personal transportation product takes more time and that when eventually you decide to buy, you not only expect it to work, but also that the people who make those products can assist incase that need arises.

All our suppliers use parts that are readily available. Example when you a bike from TrendyScooter you can expect it to use well established manufacturers example Kenda tires, Samsung batteries, Shimano gears etc. We believe that this provides choice and value for the consumer as those parts are usually available worldwide.

Most of our suppliers are multi national companies based within the EU and US while others few others are based in Israel and Asia.

Watch out for sales events where we will be either showcasing and selling designer scooters or some amazing offers from manufacturers. We will be featuring more and more brands as time goes and always check the specials at the bottom of the site to see what we have on offer.

Why TrendyScooter supports alternative portable transport market.

In the early 19th century popular children's cartoon programs had characters flying and whizzing on personal machines. Since then the world has tried over and over to introduce a mode of transport that is easily portable yet easy to maintain. With a motorcycle you may need a license. With modern technology it is now possible to assemble such machines envisioned in the early last century albeit the flight capability.

  • For those living in cities and towns the electric scooters and bicycles have established themselves amongst the ever youthful population and gaining even more traction as time passes.
  • Its also now more common for food delivery companies to use ebike and powered scooters for deliveries these days.
  • They use less space, are easy to maintain, environment friendly, quieter and plus they are cheaper that their petroleum based counterparts.
  • You may want to scoot to the shop, go school and besides work is less than 10 miles away and you love the outdoors. Looking for a Trendy Scooter, Electrical Bike, a Hoverboard, Foldable Ebikes or an electric self balancing unicycle.
  • A foldable bike, a scooter, hoverboard or any portable transport can make the difference in one's day you no longer have to fear the "mile" its just five minutes.

TrendyScooter brings to you the ability to buy the coolest branded electric scooters, gas electric scooters and electric scooter bikes. Manufacturer and suppliers who want to speak to us about sales opportunities: Please use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.